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01 May 2011

Paul and Alex took a go-kart to the Moulton Meadows Fire Road... the catch? It was an abandoned item we found, devoid of the once present gear and pedal system, and missing many screws. It's a death trap. But nevertheless, we take it on the long steep hills of Laguna Beach. Nearing sunset, we didn't film that much, but did catch some lovely nature shots, and added some pleasant music to go along!

/ / P R O D U C T I O N _ T E A M ↓
Alex Gustis
Paul Salomon

/ / S O U N D T R A C K ↓
Natural Anthem _ The Postal Service © 2003 Sub Pop
Inland Empire _ Peter Bjorn and John © 2008 Almost Gold / Star Time International
One Heavy February _ Architecture In Helsinki © 2003 Trifekta

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