Recently we got to sit down with the FM (Far East Movement) to discuss some current events such as the economy, the weather, and why I'm so addicted to watching Top Chef. Ok, we really didn't discuss anyhing of that sort and I'm really addicted to Top Chef. On a serious note we did talk about hip hop, FM's brief history, their new album dropping this month, and not forgetting to mention their hit single "Girls On The Dance Floor".

FM is made up of 3 emcees and 1 DJ from the Los Angeles Area. We got to get Kev Nish, Prohgress, and J-Splif in front of the camera minus DJ Virman unfortunately. 3 out of 4 isn't bad in my opinion. Sitting down with them and having a chance to preview the new "Animal" album was a great experience. Well to tell you the truth, I actully experienced the album in my car on a long drive the next day; however, it was still great. A must buy for 2009.

FM is staying busy these days and I sense their confidence is riding high, but are very humble guys at the same time. I'm impressed having to witness the progression of FM since I first met them and their manager over 4 years ago. With that being said but I'm not trying to be biased when I say that these guys do deserve the attention that they are receiving. Its the truth though, you should know good music when you hear it. and FM make good music.

Check out the interview and don't forget to request "Girls On The Dance Floor" on you local radio station. If they don't know, let them know. Thanks FM for the interview!

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