Across the world, more than half a million women die from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth; that is, 1 woman dies every minute of every day. 80% of maternal deaths could be prevented if women had access to essential maternal health services. Poverty, social exclusion, gender discrimination and political insecurity intensify the causes of maternal deaths.

When compared across countries, the rates of maternal mortality represent the greatest health divide in the world. The average lifetime risk of a woman in a least developed country dying from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth is more than 300 times greater than for a woman living in an industrialized country. No other mortality rate is so unequal.

Join UNICEF in spreading awareness about the needless deaths of women around the world; deaths that could have and should have been prevented:

• Widely distribute the video to anyone working on the issues of maternal health and women's rights including policy makers, activists, media channels
• Use the video to spread the word about women who die for lack of maternal healthcare, in presentations, conferences, meetings etc.
• Post the video as a resource for your web audience.

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