A stop motion film about Betty's Hairdressers created during the second year of my Animation degree course at Farnham UCA

Betty's is a very old fashioned and quirky hair salon for the older citizens of a northern seaside town. Betty's was first opened by Betty Brown in the 1960's and continues to this day. I found it interesting to think that even though Betty has now died, the items she left behind will continue to tell her story.

The everyday objects capture the character of the salon. The shop is full of quirkiness from the hairdryers to the face-shields and everyday it’s bursting with tongue and cheek conversations over cups of tea.

I wanted to capture the business, the humour and the warm soul of the shop. In this sense, this film plays with the personification of these objects and how they can come to life.

The film starts with us looking through the window of Betty's Hairdressers.
As the "Open" sign turns, the shop lights up and cupboards start to open on their own. Roller trolleys parade around the room. In the hectic environment several objects start to speak. Hats, towels, pins, wigs, and even Hoovers start to discuss all about their arthritis and bowel trouble. The conversation floats away as we draw to the door again and the sign flips over to indicate another day.

The conversation between the three Northern ladies throughout my film was recorded live in the hairdressers. All the other sounds I used in my film were recorded by me and my dad in his studio.

The aim of my film was to entertain and familiarize my viewers in warm way with this traditional outlook on hairdressing and to create a snapshot of this place with its conversations and reflections of a particular pocket of time.

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