Little John on the City Circle tram. What a beautiful thing. Hit play and you’ll understand why.

Being the first time for us to play on the tourist tram we didn’t really know what to expect, which we realised quickly when the sound of a tour guide busted out through the speakers. But being in a friendly place like a tram means problems are there to be solved. The tram driver, who’ll you see in the start of the clip, was very kind to adjust the volume so people could enjoy both the sightseeing and the sweet tunes from Little John.

The high light of the session must be the surprise entrance of a whole school group who couldn’t stop smiling! I bet having a band playing on the tram made it a bit difficult for the teachers to guide the students through the city. Although we did see the teachers dance to the tunes as well!

Enough said, let’s listen to some music!

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