The Society is proud to announce the launch of its online human-rights magazine showcasing the work of journalist Jacques Menasche, who produced a documentary and text on the effects of 9/11 on his son’s first-grade class at a school near ground zero in New York City.

Children, Menasche writes, have largely been excluded from the event’s history: “They present a problem for a journalist, a messy gray area of memory and trauma. Today, when it remains difficult to fully understand the extraordinary violence of September 11, 2001 — even for those of us who were there — how much less can we understand its effects on others, especially when those others are children, five and six years old, first-graders, only on the liminal cusp of memory?”

The Society is a nonprofit organization that provides outreach and support to journalists who cover conflict, violence and tragedy throughout the world. The magazine intends to showcase the work of these journalists and highlight their expertise when covering difficult emotional subject matter.

Menasche’s project, “The Class of 9/11,” includes a 20-minute documentary in which teenagers who were five and six on 9/11, along with their parents and teachers, talk about memory and grief. The film is particularly relevant to all parents and teachers who have grappled with how to discuss 9/11 with children.

The inaugural issue also features the recollections of a dozen Dart Society journalists and photographers on the coverage of 9/11 and how such an event may have shaped their coverage of trauma and violence over the past ten years.

“Dart Society Reports helps readers see how journalists cope with their own trauma in the aftermath of violence and their efforts to avoid re-traumatizing the survivors they cover,” said the magazine committee’s chairwoman, Julia Lieblich, who sits on the Dart Society Board of Directors. She said Dart Society Reports intends to produce a second issue early next year.

Many thanks to Maria Alvarez, Clara Germani, Lori Grinker, and Jim Trotter for their editorial guidance, Jeff Kelly Lowenstein for his leadership, Russell Weller for layout, and Deirdre Stoelzle Graves for editing and production.

The magazine is made possible by numerous funders including Society members and supportive colleagues and friends of journalism, including Gloria Steinhem, Jim Lehrer and Jonathan Alter. Deepest gratitude to psychiatrist Frank Ochberg, M.D., who has connected the society with mental health and academic supporters to augment the Society’s service to journalists who cover violence.

For more information on the Society and its magazine, or to schedule interviews with Menasche and other members of the society, contact Deirdre Stoelzle at (307) 267-5787 or

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