Michael Geer gives a preview of this week's "Common Good" radio show.

The Common Good is a 15-minute (13:30) weekly radio interview program, produced by the Pennsylvania Family Institute. The program focuses on current policies and cultural trends that impact families, and it keeps a distinctly Pennsylvania flavor.

The Common Good has a track record of gaining top-notch guests, including the late Gov. Robert P Casey, Senator Rick Santorum, Conservative Actor and Activist Ben Stein, Secretary of Education Eugene Hickock, Michael Medved, and more. There is also a PA news segment in every show. Each and every week provides a new and interesting insight into the inner workings of policies and trends that make a difference to families.

Michael Geer, President of Pennsylvania Family Institute and host of The Common Good, has an extensive background in journalism and public policy, having served on the staffs of ABC News World News Tonight and Nightline, and at the NBC television affiliate in Pittsburgh.

Days & Times for The Common Good radio program:

WAVL, Apollo Sat 11:15A

WCRH, Williamsport, Md. Fri 2:50P

WHOL, Allentown Sat 7:45A

WVCH, Brookhaven Sat 10:15A

Learn more at PAFamily.org

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