PSA describing the June 15, 2011 Holland City Council vote and the path forward.

Written by Erin Wilson
Directed by Seth Thompson
Music by Ghost Heart and Everyday Pompeii

The City of Holland, Michigan spent a year researching how best to protect workers and residents. From fear of discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity. On June 15, 2011, Holland City Council rejected this committee’s unanimous recommendation to protect the civil rights of this vulnerable minority.

But there is reason for hope.

Within days of the Holland City Council vote, hundreds of West Michigan residents formed a movement to plead with the city. To reconsider. Hundreds of voices became thousands, including executives from Herman Miller, Haworth, Johnson Controls and numerous smaller businesses from across Holland and the region.

This movement has come to include city, community and religious leaders - Americans of every ethnicity and race: youth, seniors, artists, doctors, lawyers, veterans, mothers, fathers, and everyone in between. Asking for what’s moral, what’s best for the economy. Representing a Holland that is vibrant and welcoming.

The future needs all of us. We need your voice.

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