The Population Control Agenda:

Vaccines, Fluoridated Water, Bisphenol A in plastics, Pesticides, Soya (so-called "health food") and Genetically Modified foods, can cause Sterility in humans. And they're all promoted from the very same people who believe that the earth is overpopulated. Are they secretly Sterilizing the population? A chemical assault upon humanity?

Listen to Bill Gates say that Vaccines will be used to lower Population:

GM food lowers fertility:

Water Fluoridation causing infertility:

Pesticides causing infertility:

Vaccines causing infetility:

Plastics [BPA] linked to infertility:
Men -
Women -

Aspartame & Sperm Damage:

Soya (so-called "Health food") causing infertility:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation develop soya value chain in Africa (i wonder why?)

Video revealing modern Eugenics Quotes:

Video exposing the Overpopulation myth:

Video revealing the Chemical attack on Humanity:

Video on the GMO agenda:

Western infertility a major crisis:

Video of David Rockefeller - Overpopulation:

Are we really Overpopulated [Exposing the myth of overpopualtion]:

They want to kill you [video - insider speaks out]:

A few must read articles:

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