Designed and animated by Neil Grunshaw
Producer - Dani O'Keefe
Sound design - Box Of Toys
Creative Director - Nicholas Bentley
Studio - Box
Client - 4Music

I was asked by Box to come up with a package of graphics for World's Greatest Dancers Top 50, a countdown of music videos featuring awesome dancing voted for by viewers and shown on Channel 4's music channel, 4Music.

I designed a rag-tag bunch of clockwork robots on their way to a dance contest in an environment made of toys, street furniture and bits of electronic junk, as if someone had built it out of stuff they found in their garage. I wanted to keep it looking distinctly British so I made sure I got a classic British council block in there and used only British street furniture. The robots ('Crunk', 'Grace', 'Ladybot' and 'Tracksuit') are based on hip-hop/modern pop culture references, some more obvious than others...

Deliverables included a title sequence, bumpers, numbers from 50-1, onscreen straps and bugs, elements for the promo, the whole shebang. Hope you enjoy them!

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