Our dynamic new lead software automatically targets and collects Facebook user's emails based on Facebook profile info! Plus Inbox 100% of your emails, post viral status messages, and capture local leads with the viral QR code module!

Facebook FIST is an advanced email list building tool that not only collects user email addresses, but also captures their name, age, sex, location, relationship status, and even their favorite books and movies with just ONE click of a button!

Online you have less than 45 seconds to engage your visitors, peak their interest and capture them as a lead. Traditionally marketers have had only two choices: 1) Build a short email submit form (collecting just basic information like name & email) which collects many untargeted leads --OR -- 2) Create long submit forms that collect detailed information but spooks leads that value their privacy or do not want to take the time to complete the long forms. Either options have left marketers short-changed on their efforts.

Facebook FIST integrated subscription tool builds strong, targeted lead lists. Capture your leads quickly with literally just a click of a button. Not only will you capture leads twice as fast, but you will also know EXACTLY whom you are targeting and will reach them with 100% inbox rates EVERYTIME!

Facebook FIST is not only a lead capture tool, it is a lead generation tool! Both standard and developer versions of Facebook FIST post an optional welcome message on a subscriber's Facebook wall at the time of subscription. Additionally Facebook FIST provides an optional viral wall post that allows you to post on all your subscriber's walls anytime!

Ready to test a local advertising QR code module on Facebook? The Facebook FIST QR code module auto-generates a custom QR code that captures leads on print fliers and/or other display and digital advertisements straight from the user's mobile phone!

This month only, Facebook FIST comes with an unlimited 24/7-customer support and FREE software updates for life. Don't miss this opportunity to maximize lead generation! buy at fbfist.com

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