This footage of imagery started as the first burst of winter was coming in to Brooklyn just before Thanksgiving. I started thinking of a concept of winter skies in late light. I shot the core then stopped for a bit and got sidetracked by the holidays though I'd shoot a clip here and there.

Around the time there were a couple of weeks where Venus and Jupiter were both visible in a close proximity of the northeast sky. Though they were just dots in the sky to my lens the mood and rarity were still inspiring to capture.

Right around Xmas week there was an evening of a nice 3/4 moon almost in a boat pattern which in the end gave a different spin to this piece or like a bridge between dark and light in mood.

I had been thinking this video would be a late light piece and was thinking of doing something really spacial and sparse musically. The opposite happened when I sat down one evening with native wood flutes, violin, my voice and looping equiupment. I came away with a really noisy dark series of improvisations that I edited to the one piece.

Though I wanted to use that music it changed the dynamic of a lot of my aleady shot footage so I started experimenting with changing color as well as using some visual efx 'blur and noise'.

As I began to finalize this piece a theme of 'light in the cold' started emerging between the darkness of the winter skies and trees and sterile mood of the space and planet/moon footage. I'm still debating whether this imagery/story is working but I also feel like I've worked enough maybe too much and it's just time to post it and see what happens.

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