These are three promo videos that were made for an upcoming series for MTV Latin America, called Popland. They were produced by Puenzo Hnos, and directed by Gianfranco Quattrini.

What was mainly needed here, was that the actors and the enviroment had to look absolutely freezed, like a photograph, and of course, they weren't. Also, they wanted to add some elements, and removal of wires and rigs that helped the people stay still.

The main approach was to 3D track the three shots, and reproject the texture onto geometry (some complex, like the head, others more simple, like the floor and walls).

All the elements are in 3D space, including the particles; this was kind of a head-ache, because this was made before Nuke 6.3 was released, so I had to come up with a bridge between 3DS Max and Nuke to bring the particles as geometry to my scene, to be lit and textured inside Nuke.

Freelance job for 3DN Post, June 2011.

Additional Credits:
- Ignacio Coscia (Modeling consultant)
- Miguel de Aguirre (Simulation consultant)

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