We all have our breaking point.


Written, Directed, Shot and Edited by: Isaak Fernandez

Cast: Pedro & Qcho Sanz

Music: "Everybody´s gotta learn sometimes" by Beck

New York, 2011


"LESS" it´s my second live-action short film made and the first one presented for the first 1-Week Films competition.

The short film had to include in some way a "Palmtree & Master" in it. Did you see them?

Our two people crew, me and the actor Qcho Sanz, were shooting for 8 or 9 hours in the same day, having 3 short breaks to get some pizza and drinks.

Then It took me 3 days to have the final version editing, color correction, credits, sound, mixing, etc...


This is the list of what I used to make the short film.

- Canon camera 60D

- Canon lens EF 50mm f/1.4

- Canon lens EFS 18-135mm f/3.5

- Zoom H1 Audio recorder


A month ago a bunch of friends decided to create a group called 1weekfilms with the purpose of learn and practice filmmaking.

We created a website where anyone can be member and participate anytime, the rules are simple, every two weeks make a short film, documentary o whatever you want, with only one restriction, your short film has to include "the ingredients" that are posted on the website at the very beginning of the first day, since then, you or your team have two weeks to make a short film, it doesn´t matter if it´s 10 seconds long or 10 minutes, as I said, the purpose is to learn and practice while we have fun. We are looking for passionate people about filmmaking who wants to share, discuss or whatever to get better and better with every new short film.

You can get more info and take a look at the short films presented by other members for this first competition visiting:



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