So you've got this really cool new idea and you want everyone to know about it. But you're tired of tricking people into just looking at your idea and you don't have time to sit down for an hour with everyone until they finally get it. Sharing your story on the web seems to be the way to go, but everyone is promising results and you don't know who you can trust.

Well, over at Epipheo Studios we've been doing something a bit...different. And it's changing the way everyone's sharing. We start by studying your idea. Then we extract the story, add two parts Awesome Sauce and serve chilled as a short, online video that makes people go, "Oh, I get it now!" You may have heard that called an Epiphany Moment.

Here's where we blow your mind: When you have a video that creates an epiphany, we call that an "epipheo." Bam!

Check us out at and we'll help you share your idea with the world.

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