2 cities, 10 young photographers, countless pictures and one story.

For 10 weeks, young artists from the very heart of Balkans, Belgrade and Prishtina, will communicate only through photography, free of their names, stories and backgrounds. These reflections of local realities will show the differences between the two cities, if there are any.

Young artists will face the reflection of their realities with photography story-telling. Each one of them will create a theme in images, rather than in words. Other artists should submit photo responses to the given theme once a week. This is how the language barrier will no longer exist. Up until the first week of April, the authors and the places where the photos were taken will remain unknown. Identities of the photographers, as well as their comments and captions, were revealed at the exhibitions in Belgrade and Prishtina.

This is a Home Country Project by Ana Dragic, part of her Open Society Scholarship Program - Undergraduate Exchange Program grant awarded in 2009/10.

ASSISTANTS: Dunja Lazic, Hana Qena, Trendelina Bucolli

THEME PHOTOGRAPHERS: Aleksandar Hrib, Astrit Ismaili, Berin Hasi, Dita Syla, Iva Cukic, Ivana Rajic, Marija Strajnic, Nemanja Knezevic, Petrit Rrahmani, Rina Krasniqi

PORTRAITS PHOTOGRAPHERS: Arben Kastrati, Arbreshë Nishori, Bleron Qaka, Ivan Nikolic, Milica Mrvic, Orgesa Arifi, Sanja Momcilovic, Una Skandro, Valona Cakuli, Vanja Radic

VIDEO FILMED&EDITED BY Stefan Milovanovic (UEP Alumni 2008/09)


Open Society Foundations (initialization of the project)
Youth Initative for Human Rights (finalization of the project)
Heartefact Fund (finalization of the project)

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