How much time do you spend online? Have you ever thought about the traces you leave behind?

In Digital Ghosts we ask people to revisit their online pasts.

Director: Cormac O'Brien
Camera Operator: Laura Ni Dhubhghaill, Cormac O'Brien
Sound: Richard O'Connell, Laura Ni Dhubhghaill
Special Thanks to Andrew Kane, Gràinne Moran, Giuseppe Crupi and Rebecca Saunders.

We're the first generation that can say some of our most formative experiences occurred online. And also the first generation that can say these experiences are still documented somewhere out there.

A series of talking head pieces that investigate people's online history, Digital Ghosts asks questions about visibility, invisibility, presence, persona and absence.

Soundtrack (Aerial) provided by The Moby Gratis Project.

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