simple emotional idea of a heartbeat is on a rhythmic mission to make you open up your heart.
transferring the heartbeat from an individual to the outer world in the form of a circular wave means: sharing a heartbeat with the world.

„with a beat.
that’s how we started.
we opened our eyes
to everyone, everything, everywhere.
we dreamt, loved, tried, created.
and the world responded.
with a beat.
that’s how we grow.
because when you listen to someone‘s heart,
your own beats to the same rhythm.
and the world beats to yours.
just open your heart.“

this is UAE telco‘s first major advertising campaign since their launch in 2006.
the campaign includes 2 x 50 sec, 2 x 30 sec, many 5 and 10 sec cutdowns and print - all, the spots are directed by matthias zentner and a series of 7 beautiful print ads photographed by matthias zentner and alexis fotiadis. the spot is a combination of pulses which are provoked on camera moves, movement of light, movement of objects, timelapse moves, stop motion moves and CGI circular waves in 3d. the heartbeat of the music became the pulse of life for the visual world. the philosophical anthem was shot on several locations in dubai and abu dhabi.

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