matthias zentner had a great opportunity to create and direct a launch campaign for the brand camomilla, specialized in women accessories.
„accessori ed emozioni“, the brand concentrates on bags and fashion accessories allowing women to have fun and express their creativity. its a happy brand, targeting women between 30 and 50 with an mix & match attitude.
„grande como la tua fantasia“ - as big as your fantasy - strenghtens the idea of small accessoires enlarged to a huge size and playing with them.
to underline this playful heritage, matthias placed the camomilla women in, what he calls: „the kidult world“. it is the world where a grownup women take the perspective of a little girl - a kid in an adult world with childish magic and behavior, so he uses oversized accessories and false perspective sets with a tailormade costume design. all of a sudden the world looks like a puppet house still, the style stays feminine, original & very creative.

the catchy tune by boozoo bajou perfectly reflects the athmosphere of this kidult world .

the series of 3 spots were first shown at the camomilla fashion show in milan, receiving 5 minute standing ovation. the spots, are, besides on events, also shown on italian tv.

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