Filmed & Edited by: Andy Mann & Scott Neel
Music by: Cahalen Morrison & Eli West

Inspired by a performance caught in Spring 2010, I approached Cahalen Morrison and Eli West, two old-timey/folk musicians from Seattle, about doing this project. Filmed over the Winter 2011 Colorado leg of their tour, backing a new album "Holy Coming of the Storm", Cahalen and Eli offer a glimpse into a style of American music that is touching listeners around the world.

In the words of Dirk Powell - “There’s a natural language of American music that flows from a place where strength and tenderness meet; a place up on the mountain where the forces of nature are striking, where rock juts up into the open world… yet where life clings with a reflective vulnerability – like the tiniest seed of pine finding root on that rock – that reveals, perhaps, a greater strength. Cahalen Morrison & Eli West bring us many vivid tales from this place on the Holy Coming of the Storm."

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