"CAIXAforum Barcelona asked me to create a new work about Julio Cortazar.
I was in Korea at the time, and i realized that, strangely, this famous writer has never been translated into Korean,
and nobody knows why... "

This is a first translation attempt.

Performance recorded on July 27 2011 at the CAIXAFORUM BARCELONA in Spain.

Article from La Vanguardia newspaper:
Rafaël (Seoul/Brussels)
Rafaël is one of Europe's most highly regarded visual artists. He has performed in festivals, museums and cultural institutions throughout Europe, America and Asia.
His work can best be describe as Live Cinema-- a confluence of video, conceptual art, and experimental music, all composed and interpreted before live audiences.
The performance is titled, " Plastic Material: The Flattening of Raindrops". Rafael's realization that Julio Cortázar had never been translated into Korean formed the conceptual axis of the performance. What gets lost in the translation of a literary work, the differences between languages and cultures and everything may hidden between the lines of translation.
Experimental live music, scratch, appliances, sounds de-constructions, noise & effects....

"In our view Rafael is one of the European stars of narrative performance, always witty, challenging, sensitive and engaging in a way unlike anyone else we’ve ever come across. What more can we say apart make sure you see this."
Nlab @ the Tate Britain (April 2008)


Yurim Ana Lee & Veronica Pallini

Copyright © 2011 Rafaël - all rights reserved

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