Made with the support of Kodak
Filmed on 35mm 2perf with a bleach bypass process and printed to Kodak 2383 Vision

2010 SIFF premiere with feature film 'Bass Ackwards'
2010 Palm Springs Int'l ShortFest & Film Market 'First Person Singular' shorts package
2010 Tacoma Film Festival, 2010 Local Sightings Film Festival/Northwest Film Forum, 2011 NW Projections Film Festival/Pickford Film Center, Bellingham
Winner of an IFP/Seattle Spotlight Award

Very special thank you to our executive producer, Craig McKay, and to the more than 115 individuals, organizations and businesses that supported the making of this short film that one of my directing mentors, Judith Weston (Directing Actors) called 'brave and beautiful.'

Betty took a Seattle-New York-LA village to make. When a doctor encourages Betty to read her patient file, she begins to discover pieces missing (of her life), leading to unexpected emotional connection. Part art/part truth, like a poem, we may not find the same meaning. The intention of this storytelling endeavor was to explore a hard road traveled: my grandmother's suicide. Betty explores the nature of mental illness, power dynamics, isolation, and the loss we experience when it touches our family. It's about 'the real' being 'emotion' and the 'not real' a kind of metaphor for how we relate to those who suffer in this pain.

Thank you to producer Annie Flocco for guiding the film every step of the way.

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'Betty is a real shocker. Very nicely done, looks great!, and it certainly covers a lot of ground and probes deeply for a short work. I think it bodes well for your feature career...'
~ Peter Belsito

"This was my first opportunity to see Betty, and it absolutely floored me. Beautiful on so many personal levels, and as a piece of art as well." ~ Will Chase

'...a beautifully crafted depiction of the inner mind...'
~ Jonathan Farber, Financier

'...a luscious, 35mm gem!'
~ Lynn Shelton, Filmmaker

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Betty was made with the generous support of Kodak, Alpha Cine Seattle, Oppenheimer Cine Rental, Modern Digital, Clatter & Din, Complete Casting, 4Culture, Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs and Northwest Film Forum.

Cast & Crew credits here:
Heather Cimmy short film reel+bio here:

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