My Brightest Diamond with yMusic in NYC for La Blogotheque's Take Away Shows.

Filmed in NYC, in Battery Park. July 2011

"An ensemble assembles piece by piece… an oboe is wandering down by the war memorial, a piccolo finds its way through the open gates of Castle Clinton, a trumpet stops for a Campari on the covered patio. They all lead to a masked form, decorated in technicolor grandeur, leading a child around the former stronghold of Lower Manhattan. Shara Worden appears as a mute and we communicate through body language, symptomatic of a nasty virus she has imported from Detroit. We briefly consider rescheduling, but she gathers her courage and carries on through the impediment."

Images, Edit, Sound, Mix : Derrick Belcham
Produced by A Story Told Well & La Blogotheque

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