Howard Stern 11/9 RADIO: Na 10 jaar bewaard te hebben, eindelijk online: Hét 11/9 document. Gewoon omdat het kan. Met script en clip.
Daily show at K-ROCK RADIO (2001) normally from 6.00 till 10.00 AM

This is a recording from Tuesday, 11 Sep 2001.

In this file we start at locale time 8.46 AM, in the middle of discussing about Pamela Anderson latest implants and 2:33 minutes before 'Breaking News'.

(the sound starts 8 seconds after push 'play button' ...)

Stern aired live during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and continued to broadcast with most of his staff until around 12.00 PM.

The live reporting was one of the first for those listening across the country, with callers sharing their own experiences.

What is interesting here is the human reaction.
Some people could not stop making Pam Anderson jokes, some were remarkably prescient with their interpretations of what was happening.

It is important to keep in mind that this BEFORE most of us knew anything about Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden, or the rest.

It's a document.



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