I present my first filmic "sketch" utilizing the UltraPan8 film format. The short film is called "my memories of her are missing".

UltraPan8 is a native 2.8:1 spherical ultrawide film format utlizing hybrid Bolex H8/H16 cameras.

1. The format uses 2-perf R8mm film that is 16mm wide and the 1/2 pulldown of the 8mm gate.
2. Running time is doubled relative to standard 16mm filmstock as there are 80 UltraPan8 frames per 16mm foot as opposed to 40.
3. Standard 16mm optics provided full coverage optically centered.
4. The "imaging" area is increased by 90-100% Relative to 8mm/S8 film.
5. This film is an edited version of the 1700x600 DIVX extraction from the master 2080x870x24 sequential jpegs.

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