applying to culture, the public tv channel swiss tv - schweizer fernsehen, has a compulsive obligation towards the financing public audience but also its own high demands. as always, the moment of winning a new client was exciting and since every designer is a little bit of an artist too, the challenge of supplying the channels culture package with the new visual identity was approached with a lot of enthusiasm, especially since we moved in the, for on-air design, unusual world of sub-branding, challenged to bring the culture program to a higher level of channels recognition! the thematic branding within the program level was a virgin territory. this thematic branding enables the channel to break free from the visual and communicational design-mono-culture.
analyzing the channel and it's cultural structure, we were amazed how broadly based and versatile it is.
sf stimulates the public interest and its engagement for architecture, design, art, music, theater and film, but also provides the platform for discussions on contemporary religious, social and political as well as philosophical issues.
we were also confronted with the wide spectrum of audience and their different expectations, so we combined the conceptual and inner values with visually demanding emotional and metaphorical language. the audacity of being different binds the targeting groups: a young audience, awaiting the culture to demonstrate -here and now- with the bourgeois idea of term culture, opening new, easy understandable and visually attractive horizons.
the culture lives. first of all through people, pushing them in the center of art and cultural scene. the reduction of design in space makes the people, in their symbolic language, to a hypnotic key-visual: personal, direct, symbolic, clear, inviting and provoking, transformed into suggestive narrative moments with the traces of their heartbeat and their breath.. it connects the individual world of the viewer with the space for contemporary cultural understanding
the unique naming, framing and a logo concept still enable the individual programs to receive their independent variations. the graphic is bold and simple. it connects the cinematographic openers with the brand contents of the channel sf1, it supports the broadcast flow: it separates establishing pauses, or it connects speeding up the pace.
animations feature the title as a key part of the visual id, whilst different formats get characterized using the cinematic implementation by matthias zentner underlining the obvious cultural competency and

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