the japanese technological company fujitsu teamed up with the italian production filmmaster and the director matthias zentner for their new air-condition commercial, just launched. the simple idea was that the perfect choreography of fans, done by hundreds of ice-cold geishas, provoke the cold wind coming out of an air-condition.
they coordinate so perfectly, that the interaction of fans provides the cool breeze. as for the mentality of the japanese culture every person functions like one for all, the synchronisation of the geisha dancer is in a perfect harmony.
the white hair stand for an icy geisha, the colour-codes were inspired by the temperatur scale and the corporate colors of fujitsu. the costumes were designed using the heritage of kimonos and transfering it into a modern interpretation of elegance, technology and style. costumes had extended fans and were integrated into the whitish, silvery look of the innerlife of an air-condition, which was rebuild as a metapher. one fan-move will enhance the next, by repticating the geishas, we extended the amount of geisha to more than 100. the plot was to pull back from the shutters of the air-condition, the transition was build in 3D in order to end in the real room, where a man enjoys the refreshment of the geishas cold wind.

the melancholic music was done by robert cacciapaglia who also provided the sound fx of the wind.

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