No one makes films quite like Terrence Malick. Although he has only made five films in the past four decades, he deserves to be labeled as an iconic American filmmaker. All of his works share the stunning visuals, powerful themes and dramatic realism required to make a masterful piece of film. Some label Malick's films as pretentious but I see them as the unique expressions of a true artist. With this tribute, I really wanted to display Malick's artistic talent and why his films are truly unique and special.

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As for my next tribute, it will be a while before it is released since I will be so busy over the coming months.

However I will still leave you with a clue: Droog

Clips from 'Badlands' remain courtesy of Warner Bros, © TM & Copyright 1973

Clips from 'Days of Heaven' remain courtesy of Paramount Pictures, © TM & Copyright 1978

Clips from 'The Thin Red Line' remain courtesy of 20th Century Fox, © TM & Copyright 1998

Clips from 'The New World' remain courtesy of New Line Cinema, © TM & Copyright 2006

Clips from 'The Tree of Life' remain courtesy of Fox Searchlight, © TM & Copyright 2011


'River' by Alexandre Desplat remains courtesy of Lakeshore Records, © TM & Copyright 2011

'Tornado' by Jonsi remains courtesy of XL Recordings, © TM & Copyright 2010

'Jisas Yu Holem Hand Blong Mi' by Hans Zimmer remains courtesy of RCA Victor, © TM & Copyright 1998

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