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Cat No: SNKR01

Artist: Throwing Snow

Title: Shadower / Sanctum

Label: Sneaker Social Club

Format: 12” Maxi Vinyl & Digital

Release Date: Aug 2011

Sneaker Social Club is a new boutique label born from a love of music, vinyl, collecting things and, urm...Sneakers. “The whole theme is about me having fun, making and putting out records that are a little bit more interesting” says Jamie Russell, the man behind it (and also the man behind two of UK’s more interesting house and techno labels, Hypercolour and Glass Table). “As an avid collector of vinyl for well over 15 years, I felt that I wanted to contribute something that was more appealing than your average” explains Jamie. “For me, this first release from Ross is a continuation of the early 90's rave music I grew up listening to! so nostalgia will be the underlying theme of the label” he adds. In keeping with his art values, high quality A2 limited edition poster inserts will be included on this inaugural, genre defiant release from rising producer Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow.

The UK talent and the man behind ‘A Future Without’ and newly minted ‘Left Blank’ writes music without prejudice or pretencion, as demonstrated by the two ranging techno/bass/house fusions he offers here. It’s no surprise that Ross has recently been asked to remix Eskmo for Ninja Tune, and The Count & Sinden for Domino, coming in Sept. He truly is one of the most exciting talents in the UK right now.

A-side ‘Shadower‘ emerges from an atmosphere of punchy bass notes and harmonious tones only to be splattered with pinging cow bells and soft focus hang drum notes. Its mission is unclear at first, but when the bassline kicks in and all the elements come together at once, it’s a surging, melodically complex track imbued with a rising sense of euphoria that never becomes too over-powering: well balanced and deftly arranged, it sounds like little else out there.

On the flip, ‘Sanctum’ is patient in its build up of a deep, Hot Flush styled atmosphere, before raw analogue stabs signify the arrival of the track’s main features – an off-kilter percussive line that restlessly chops and slices its way through the surging bottom end and a webbed network of FX and colourful melodic flashes which mean that, although the whole thing is dense and intense, it’s also beguiling and beautiful. Here proving himself to be both a fine manipulator of melodies and a true master of musicality, Throwing Snow also gets Sneaker Social Club off to a more than auspicious start.


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