In 2011, High Tech High International high school in San Diego took part in Barack Obama's Presidential "Commencement Challenge." The "Challenge" challenged high schools across the nation to show how they are "innovating education in the 21st century."

After an initial application, HTHI was named as one of the "Top Six" high schools in the nation.

To reach the next level of the "Challenge," the video above was created by the 2011 HTHI Commencement Team in a span of two 10 hour blocks of time supervised by a MTV producer. All planning, shooting, and editing of the video took place during those 20 hours.

Because of the video, HTHI was voted by the American public as one of the "Top Three" high schools in the nation.

Unfortunately, HTHI did not win the "Commencement Challenge," however, we did earn the opportunity to have NASA administrator Charles F. Bolden speak at Graduation.

I was apart of the 2011 HTHI Commencement Team.

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