Reward on Moozar : Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival
Montreux, Switzerland - 8 July, 2011
Directed & edited by Victor Planas-Bielsa

Never let it be said that we were holding back
In going about it our own way
In getting more or less involved
Before we call it a day

Never let it be said that we were haunted
Going at it full tilt
Cos so many earthly pleasures
Come with an admission of guilt

Don't wanna offend or cause no trouble
Just getting by on a 'need-to-know'
It's what life is like inside the bubble
Mind how you go

We don't do anything by half
So why light fires to lift the haze?
We'll take our turn on the stand
And tiptoe our way through the maze


Music & Lyrics by James Keen
Arranged by Brian McCook

Original version on "Light & Shade" album - available now!

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