OK, Found in my archive recently, I just had to post this one - its 30 minutes long and 21 years old.

I and my friends/colleagues/workforce/mates whatever we were in those Inphase Production Co. days, made this in our spare time, out of interest and...because we could, being self motivated and autonomous.

Much of it was "driven" by Tony "Crash" Williams who worked for us as a runner/tape opp at the time. He was responsible for the interviews, the dancers and much else besides, I on the other hand filmed the "Snowboy" session and edited the whole thing together. Simon Garton, my erstwhile business partner edited the Mission Impossible track to shots from Paris c/o Leo Sanchez - wonder where you are these days Leo?

All performances were filmed at Dingwalls in Camden Town, sadly long gone - seeing people smoking in the bar, dancing, listening to Jazz, drinking - yea man - we all too clean and boring these days.

I make no excuses for the editing, its the music that counts, but only ever having a single camera to record with, limits the visual experience, but hey, a bit of slo-mo patches it all up, and a few mad effects thrown in too!

I can't believe the 80's titles Ha ha! great.

I remember shooting the title sequence sax material on the studio roof in Waterloo one Saturday morning -

For those who are interested: Production gear was: Sony DXC 3000 camera (early Chip cam) into a BVU110P high band VTR. Sound recorded off the desk and ambience seperately to a Hi8 digital audio recorder.

Post produced at Inphase using Ampex VPR6 VT's an Ampex ACE Edit controller through a 5 bus Ampex Vision Mixer - Some of the strange chroma effects in the fan at the beginning come from an Abekas A72 caption generator.

I hope you all enjoy this, it's really a valuable time-slice from an exciting musical period in London, and one of the earliest surviving pieces of my work too -

I'm making a digitally cleaned DVD available to those who are interested - contact me at info@whitewatermedia.net for details

Pauli B.

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