PBB = Paramore Beta Battle
Paramore song of any kind, Spirit only! Must have some storyline.
Effects: Fade, Fade in, fade out, ease in, ease out, Grayscale, Slow Down, 1 choice effect (must say where and when it was placed)

Choice effect: TV effect - 00: 12

Spirit starts fighting with Rain and she gets angry, she runs away and gets shot, Spirit comes to resue her and jumps in but can't catch her. He comes back at the bottom of the waterfall, and tries to comfort her, but is taken away. Rain, in her confusion, thinks Spirit has run away to another mare because he hates her. But it is of course untrue. At this time, Spirit is trying very hard to get back to Rain.

Rain recovers and plots a plan to get him back. When they finally let Spirit go, Rain is both angry and happy to see him. But is glad he's not with "the other mare." But she still thinks that the mystery mare is still out there looking for him again.

1. Horsesjumpingforlife voted for:
2. oxWiLdHoRsExo voted for: Me <3
Misery Business(c) Paramore
Spirit SOTC (c) Dreamworks
Editing (c) Girher

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