This Burning Age performing an acoustic version of "The Last Day" at Urban Coffee Co., Birmingham, Thursday, 6th May, 2011.

The debut 10 track album, "A Muzzle for the Masses" is available now in CD Digipak and Limited Edition CD Digipak format each with 6 page, rollfold booklet. The Limited Edition is restricted to 100 copies, each numbered, signed and including Plectrum, Poster, Badges and Exclusive "Be Safe" Art Card with a Download Code for free extra track "Nevermore". Go to This Burning Age's Paypal Approved Online Store to purchase your copy:

Taken from the bands Press Release:

This Burning Age's music is violently beautiful, bridging the "Electro-Rock" divide with startling finesse, delivering compulsive tracks that hook you from the start, and revealing a maturity of lyrics and arrangement that would normally only be found in more established artists, let alone newcomers with a debut album.

Their influences range into diverse and often conflicting genres: New Wave , Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial, Neue Deutsche Härte, Synth-pop, Post-Rock, Goth, Drum and Bass and Trip-hop with the end result giving rise to a depth, quality and intelligence of song writing and a distinctive, individual voice all of their own.

Bringing with them an equally electrifying live performance and a ten track album, "A Muzzle for the Masses" released on Friday's own label, 5th Day Records (created for this and future releases for as long as they are unsigned), in both CD Digipak and Limited Edition CD Digipak formats, you'll wonder where they've come from.

Originating from Birmingham, U.K. , This Burning Age are:

Friday - Vocals, Guitar, Synths, Arrangements
Russ Harris - Guitar, Synths, Backing Vox
Jon Farrington-Smith - Guitar, Keys, Backing Vox
Tim Wilson - Drums
Dave Bennett - Bass Guitar

Here's a small selection of what people within the music industry and fans are saying about This Burning Age:

"The best new band in Birmingham". - LIVEBrum

"Interpol meets Sonic Youth in thoughtful, dark "alt-electro-rock"...they deserve attention" - Birmingham Live Review

"Every once in a while a band comes along that that defies the current practice of genre pigeon holing, This Burning Age are just such a band. Technically it's quite brilliant. You find complex layers of distorted guitars and synths, with dark, brooding drum and bass lines. The use of analogue equipment rather than the more modern digital equivalents give it a real retro feel without losing the up to date minimalist approach. I can almost imagine Eno doing something like this. A stunning debut album." - Midlands Rocks Online Music Magazine

"This band are one of my "Midlands bands to watch out for"." - Emma Scott - Radio DJ/Promoter (Kerrang Radio, Q Radio, Heart FM)

"'Human Condition' holds a Duran Duran-esque suaveness while maintaining the credibility that comes with good, hard-hitting rock music. In a world where young bands think that a few flashy wailings from a Happy Meal synthesizer make their music electronic, This Burning Age really know what they're doing and where the right noises fit. Whether it's the apocalyptic groans of 'Repeat To Fade' or the oddly uplifting 'End Game', this album is a goddamn glorious example of electro/industrial/what-have-you rock. Your ears need this wonderful punishment." - Black Velvet Magazine

"I believe you have the potential to go all the way and more, that the album is stronger than much of what is currently polluting the music industry." - Vince Appleby - Scout for Universal Music Group

"The music has a real edge and passion." - Paul Murphy - founder of Songwriters Café and formerly of "The Destroyers"

"A whole lot of passion, work, thoughts and emotions have been put into 'A Muzzle for the Masses'. It's audible in every note that's being played and word that's being sung. The record's going to send you on a rollercoaster ride through various emotional states and by all means should be checked out by any fan of ambitious, electronic/rock music. I think this band's got a bright future ahead of them." - "Reflections of Darkness" - German Online Music Magazine

For Management, Press and UK/International Bookings please contact Lucie Webster @ 5th Day Records Artist Management

To contact Friday and This Burning Age directly:
Official Website:
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