This is a compilation of short tests with the Panasonic Lumix TS3, one of their latest “Tough” cameras. I gave it a workout in a dusty and dirt flying situation. Later I mounted the camera on a remote control RC model dune buggy. We didn’t plan the roll-over at 20 mph on an asphalt street, but the camera kept on shooting. I played with the camera in a glass of water and shot in a couple other wet situations. Auto-focus worked fine up close underwater and re-focused instantly when moved above the surface.

No animals or wildfowl were injured in shooting these videos. Only the camera and photographer received superficial damage. Both are still in good working order.

This is a great shirt-pocket camera to have with you on the beach, in a canoe, or in a rainstorm. It’s the camera I carry with me in the toolbox on my tractor (wrapped in a cloth) and really is one tough camera.

This camera is waterproof to 40 feet, and drop proof from 6.5 feet. It is also freeze proof to -10 degrees and has a 3d mode.

The camera logs a host of data to the metadata including your GPS position, local city or county name, altitude, compass direction, depth underwater, and barometric pressure. Some of the info such as compass heading is not supported in programs I use.

It shoots 1920x1080 hd video and has a built-in LED video assist light. Of course it shoots stills (12.5 megapixels) and has the usual built-in flash. Lens covers an equiv. 28mm to 128mm. Still images are JPG only -- not raw.

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