In early August I got an opportunity to spend about a week in/around Glacier National Park. Of the six nights there, I was able to do time-lapse sequences on 5 nights. One night at Whitefish State Park, two nights along the shores of McDonald Lake in Glacier NP (one looking north, the other looking south towards Apgar), one night at Many Glacier in Glacier NP, and one night at Two Medicine in Glacier NP. I was fighting the waxing moon, and in the final sequence (from Two Medicine) the moon is one day from full. But you can still make out some stars.

Each sequence was shot over 4-1/2 to 5 hours, so I tried to time them to finish up just before or as twilight started. In the last sequence, as the moon sets, morning twilight begins.

The periodic streaks you see are not meteors, but rather airplanes flying overhead.

The first couple of evenings I serendipitously caught some moments of auroral activity low to the north. Didn't know we would have much or any, so hadn't planned on it. You can see the aurora as the noticeably green flashes of color around 0:28-0:31, 0:55, and from 0:59-1:05.

Musical score: "Bloodstorm" by SImon Wilkinson (

Technical details: Nikon D7000, ISO 1600, 18mm lens, f/5.6 (meant to have done these at f/3.5, but I messed up a setting in the dark), 20 second exposures, 5 second delay between shots, averaging ~720 shots per sequence.

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