First, let me state that this is NOT a creative video, like those from Vincent Laforet or Philip Bloom.

It's a "real world" visual answer to a number of emails I've been receiving regarding the quality and feasibility of using zoom lenses with Mosaic Engineering's VAF-5D2 optical anti-aliasing filter for the Canon 5D Mk2. I had used the terms parfocal vs varifocal zoom and more than a few people were confused.

I visited Pennsylvania's Crawford County Fair with only my 5D, a 24-70mm F2.8L zoom and a 70-200mm F2.8L IS zoom. (of course I also brought batteries, memory cards and my Zacuto Z-finder LCD viewfinder.) A production version of Mosaic Engineering's new filter was inside my camera for all scenes.

For exterior scenes in bright sunlight, I used a 77mm Tiffen circular polarizer to knock down the light by 2 stops. Remember, with the Mosaic filter, you can't use linear polarizers as they can react with the birefringent materials within the filter. This could cause color shift or color shading problems.

Every time I changed zooms, I added a video graphic to indicate the change. I would have liked to have shot a few pristine scenes from a tripod, but my wife wouldn't agree to carry it.

Hopefully this short video will give a sense of the high quality imaging that results when shooting with zoom lenses and the Mosaic Engineering anti-aliasing filter.

The VAF-5D2 filter is available for purchase at Mosaic Engineering's website:

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