Camera: Aaton A-minima s16mm
Lenses: Optar illumina T1.3 set
Stock: Kodak 7201, 7205 & 7218
Telecine & Color: Ursa Diamond (1080/24psf to drive) @
Music: Eva Cassidy

I bought a new s16mm camera and of course the first thing to do was a camera test. Instead of doing the usual "camera test" type of thing, I tried to do this one a little different and document some of life. I love shooting with this little camera and I was very pleased with the results. What you see here is a best light with strait cuts- I haven't made any adjustments outside telecine.

Many friends wanted to see footage from this test so I put together a little presentation of sorts and named it "600 feet".

I hope you enjoy this little bit of film!


Legal disclaimer: This content is copyrighted, any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. (sorry I had to add that!)

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