A group of young valiant, brilliant, inquisitive gang that came from a different background were gather again by the highest mountain in Java Island.

“According to the believes of Javanese people, in the ancient holy book of kuna Tantu Pagelaran from the 15th century, the island of Java was constantly wavering and shaking in a vast ocean. The Gods decided to tack the island of Java with moving the Mount Meru in India to the island of Java”

Mountain Sumeru or Semeru (Gunung Sumeru) is the highest active volcano located in East Java. It’s height reach up to 3676m (12.000ft) above sea level. The peak of Mt. Sumeru is well know by it’s famous name Mahameru, meaning “The Great Mountain”.

With a different perspective of viewing the mother earth, they all come together to share the excitement, agitated, bitter, distress for the quest up to The Great Mountain.

A 2 days and 1 night journey may seems to be fast, however the memories will pas on for the rest of the coming generation.

Music By:

Saxon Shore:
-Replacement Drive
-Twilight is our Advocate Tonight
-Guardian of The Second Tower

The Album Leaf:
-Until The Last

Steve Aoki:
-Do You Want To

-Dane Street
-Pine View

The XX:

Jack Johnson:
-We Are Going To Be Friends

Sheila On 7:
-Saat Aku Lanjut Usia

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