This is a film we made for the 2011 48 Hour Film Festival. I have worked in a lot of different environments and situations but this was definitely a new one. Trying to actually come up with an idea, script, shoot, edit and "render" a movie worth watching in 48 hours is a challenge to say the least.

13 teams met and drew genres. Our team's first pick was fantasy. As much as I like fantasy films it was not one that I wanted to tackle in two days. So we took a "wild card". Our wild card genre was SILENT FILM. I was actually pretty excited about this. I thought it would be a lot of fun to try and come up with an interesting way to tell a story without dialogue.

Although stressful and sleepless, it was a lot of fun. All except for the ill timed lightning storm here on Tybee Island during the final hours of the edit. Our power went off three times during the final render of a key shot in the film. And so, because of this storm we finished our film 30 minutes late. There were several other crews in the same situation as us. But it is not called the 48.5 hour film festival.

We actually did have it finished in time but they wouldn't allow us to turn the film in on a hard drive. So we had to compress it to a size that fit on our thumb drive. Since we turned it in late we were not qualified for any awards except for Audience Choice.

Film requirements
Genre: Silent Film
Character: Amy or Arthur Majors
Prop: Greeting card
Line: "I'd love to know what goes on in there."
Min/Max Length: 4-7 minutes not including credits

Director: Brad Kremer
Motion Graphics: Mark Nguyen
CG: Dean Fowler
Graphic Design: Justin Collins
Edit by: Brad Kremer
DP: Brad Kremer
Executive Producers: Jim Stone/Scott Jacobs
Starring: Joe Hoffman
Extra: Addie Oescher
Extra: Susan Mathis
Extra: Justin Collins
Grip: Jim Stone/Mark Addona
Original story by: Brad Kremer

Special Thank to the entire TYTAN crew!

Equipment provided by: Meddin Studios

Molly McGuire's Tavern
Marshall House
The East Bay Inn
Tybee Beach

Music provided by
Song: Don't Know

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