On August 18, 2011, five members of Toronto Pig Save bore witness and protested on "pig island" - a traffic island at Lakeshore and Strachan where transport trucks carry hot, dehydrated and often scared and scarred pigs to Quality Meat Packers - Toronto's pig slaughterhouse. These kind, highly sensitive and intelligent social animals deserve to live in a farm sanctuary rather than be confined in factory farms, transported without food and water, and then brutally "stunned" in carbon dioxide gas chambers and then shackled on one foot and hung upside down (after being "stunned" the pigs lose consciousness for about 1.5 minutes before they start blinking and later trying to stand up), then are bled and sent to a scalding tank to remove hair (some may be conscious at that point and suffer unimaginable torture).

Please support Toronto Pig Save and local farm sanctuaries. Go vegan and spread the word. We also need your help in our weekly protests. Join us and bear witness and protest the slaughter of 6-7,000 pigs each day at Quality Meat Packers pig slaughterhouse.

Each pig in the transport trucks is an individual with his or her own personality just like you and me and dogs and other companion animals you are familiar with. Pigs and other farm animals are no different, yet they are assigned a tattoo number as though they are not a living being. Gaze into their eyes and be the one to heed their cries for help.

For more information, please visit: torontopigsave.org
Video: Anita Krajnc (Toronto Pig Save)

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