Here's all the must see skate action from the 2011 Vans Downtown Showdown fueled Monster Energy. Check out all three obstacles get a good old British pasting from the best Skateboard teams Europe has to offer. Danny Brady's B/S Hurricane on Death Skateboards’ Ripper Alley and his F/S Bluntslide kickflip to fakie on Cliché's Tower Bridge assured him best pro, whilst Nassim Guammaz continuous flurry of tricks on Superdead’s Olde English Tavern helped earn him the best am award.


Death Skateboards Obstacle 3rd: EUR 500 Danny Brady
Death Skateboards Obstacle 2nd: EUR 800 Ben Raemers
Death Skateboards Obstacle 1st: EUR 1,500 Phil Zwijsen

Cliche Obstacle 3rd: EUR 500 Dallas Rockvam
Cliche Obstacle 2nd: EUR 800 Chris Oliver
Cliche Obstacle 1st: EUR 1,500 Danny Brady

Superdead Obstacle 3rd: EUR 500 Rob Smith
Superdead Obstacle 2nd: EUR 800 Chris Pfanner
Superdead Obstacle 1st: EUR 1,500 Nassim Guammaz

Best Am: EUR 1,000 Nassim Guammaz

Best Pro: EUR 1,500 Danny Brady

MONSTER RIPPER award EUR 1,000 Flo Mirtain

4rth Team of the day: EUR 6,000 Superdead
3rd Team of the day: EUR 8,000 Enjoi
2nd Team of the day: EUR 10,000 ELEMENT EUROPE
1st Team of the day EUR 14,000 Antiz

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