"The upper half of that spinning top looks like a sombrero to me", that's what I thought in 2010 as I scribbled Giro onto a page in my sketchbook. I like this little guy, so I decided to put him into the third dimension a year later. It was my QPT1 for the study path MultiMediaArt at the FH Salzburg (University of Applied Sciences).

He had a very simple design, so I decided to keep it that way and focused on developing his character and show it off in an animation. But how can you combine Mexico and spinning tops in a meaningful way? My answer is: Mexican spinning top wrestling! In short: Peonza Libre! (Side note: "Peonza" means spinning top, "Lucha Libre" is the original name for Mexican Wrestling.)

But you can't wrestle alone. Giro's enemy for this match is the bad-tempered, much bigger Torro, a bull-like spinning top.

Will Giro be able to beat this enormous beast?

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