KERNEL /011 - International digital art and visual festival
1/2/3 JULY - VILLA TITTONI TRAVERSI - DESIO [Milan - Monza] - Italy _92 artists _16 countries _3 days _ 2 nights


OSCILLA (TEMPLE) MODERN RITUALS - Interactive audiovisual installation by
_Andrea Santini (IT)

Oscilla (Temple) is a sound installation set into the Cappella San Francesco (XIII century), located in the west wing of Villa Tittoni Traversi (usually close to the public). Inspired by the Latin ‘Oscilla’ (votive objects that were hung and swung in the wind during cerimonies and rituals), OSCILLA is a playful yet meditative exploration of the oscillatory roots of sound, of its visualisation, of the foundations of music and, ultimately, of the ‘harmonic’ relationships within elements in a group and is conceived for a space associated with sacred as rituals. The Cappella S.Francesco is an ideal setting for OSCILLA both for conceptual and acoustic reasons.
The position and movement of up to four symbolic ‘objects’, controls OSCILLA’s sounds, which are then discretely amplified by four loudspeakers arranged in a choir-like fashion around the apse. The four ‘voices’ in this ‘modern ritual’, based on pure sine-waves, are reminiscent of certain pipe-organ and vocal sounds. Their spatial projection changes dynamically with the object’s positions thus providing different auditory spatial perspectives into each harmonic structure, while also enhancing natural acoustics and resonances of the installation space. The installation turns St. Francesco’s chapel into a sort of ‘ritual’ musical instrument where visitors are musicians.

supported by:
_Banca Popolare di Milano


a project by:

film and editing: Kladd studio
soundtrack: Brotto - Grassland (Planet Soap Remix)

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