In A Station, Petals
2011, silent, video installation

In A Station, Petals is a video installation created for rear-screen projection onto a window facing the street. The image is created from hundreds of stills that were sourced from television shows that I watch, or used to watch, with some regularity. The television images have been cropped and re-sized simply to make them beautiful.

At first I enjoyed targeting small corners of the frame or scene on view, and from the practice of looking up close, noticed how race and gender stereotypes have been revised and renewed in the shorthand of tv-watching: white people always seem to be in trouble, and are usually in charge; black people embody moral responsibility and superior strength of character but are always in service of some kind - official or otherwise - to white people; Asians are similarly strong but rather than strong moral character, they are shown as having strong intellectual abilities and keen insights into a given situation. Asian men are now quite buff and hunky, with bulging arms to match their giant brains. Women are still beautiful, but now may also be somewhat complicated; white men are still on top, but all of the Others are catching up. I believe they will catch up only to be re-assigned new stereotypes, all in the service of pop culture and television drama.

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