Presented by Root Division in collaboration with ODC Theater. Curated by Selene Foster & Christopher Reiger.

This video includes clips from presentations and performances by:
Chris Black: "Extinction Burst (last dance, last chance): A reanimation of lost movement"
Karl Cronin: "Kinetic Empathy"
Jeremiah Jenkins: "The Hunt"
Brian Null, Ph.D., "Examination of Animals, Examination of Self"
Christopher Reiger: "Introducing the Endangered Spcies Print Project"
Jon Sack, Ph.D.: "Bioelectric Venom"

Others participating were:
Georgeann O'Brien, Ph.D.: "Direct observation of sensory neuron regeneration in live zebrafish"
Philip Ross: "Eating Bugs for Fun and For Profit"

On psychic and cellular levels, what exactly occurs when a human interacts with another species? Despite our growing knowledge of biology and natural history, the answer remains something of a mystery. The artists and scientists participating in this evening invite us to consider other species through a variety of lenses - mystical, scientific, and philosophical - and to formulate our own approaches to the animal "other." In so doing, they challenge us to grapple with the existential question, 'How should we conceive of and conduct our relationships with other species, and also with one another?'

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