It was the ultimate adventure for us! My new friend Geri and I only had part of a day to enjoy the warm water at our port of call via our first cruise ship adventure via Royal Caribbean. We did the Ultimate Adventure with Fury Watersport in Key West, Florida. It was awesome!

The water was warm, the takeoff on the para-sailing was fun, the glide to be airborne, smooth. The view at 300 feet was a peaceful, turquoise shimmering Key West water treasure!

For our group, jet skiing came next. We had a lot of space to play in the waves. I throttled it up quite a bit. HOWEVER, I found out Geri's quite the speed queen! It was thrilling to go flat out more than a few times when it was her turn to drive!

My challenge was snorkeling as I wasn't a strong swimmer and cannot tread water. However, I DID it, and will have the coral reef photos soon to show it - a big milestone for me! Even avoiding the moon jellies was a thrill, I saw all sizes, small and quite large, and swam around them.

It was topped off with a fav, fried chicken and a friendly, fun, and hilariously flirty, at times, crew. Loved it!

If you like adventure all in a great package, a fun crew, great rock music, this is a great, affordable deal! I really like how Fury rocked this water show with me in it!

We were on this cruise as Sophia is celebrating a milestone birthday. I am in Sophia's step-circuit class. Geri's a teacher friend of Sophia. What a great way to enjoy the fabulous Sophia and get to know Geri, a speed, adventure woman for sure.

Gary: August 25, 2011. What a way to celebrate the day! 32 years!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at the video,


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