My trailer for kindle book "Not In My Name".

Book blurb: Semtex semiotics, internet grooming, ID theft by the most unreliable of narrators, he who wilfully misleads. Is that a wailing siren, or bomb-blast tinnitus inundating your ear?

An online activist who submerges his identity within the Net, stealing those of others as well as their souls. Grooming not for desire, but for death. Cyberspace is where the real politics is being fought out, in far more viscous and unconstrained talking shops than any legislature. In an anonymous realm, who exactly can be said to be acting in whose name?

The novel explores the limits of political opposition within a democracy. What actions remain when marches, petitions, lapel ribbons, all fail to move the Executive? It traces the explosive transformative process behind the ultimate form of resistance, a home-grown suicide bomber. What are the divergent pulls on identity, of growing up British, Asian and Muslim, that in extreme cases can lead to 7/7?

The novel is a trenchant sweep across Britain in the 21st century. Full of the anxieties of eyeing up fellow commuters on the London Underground, crucifixes and hijabs in the workplace, aspirational lifestyles, adventure tourism, green issues, Big Brother (Orwellian), Big Brother (Endemolian), radioactive assassinations and the Arctic Monkeys. Viewed through people's opinions expressed on forums and blogs.

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