Get ready for a green adventure in San Diego as we explore Organic Farming.

It’s the San Diego usual (bright and sunny) Saturday morning (9-1pm) and walking around the Little Italy Farmer’s Market is a titillating treat for every sense. Colorful sights guide your excited eyes to new visual experiences, mellow music gives you a soothing sound to enjoy a relaxing day, tasty dishes tantalize your taste-buds as you catch a waft of the wonderful smells, delicious tastes begin marinating in your mouth, and with a touch of unique produce, some of which is only available in San Diego, you let your body take a well-deserved vacation.

The local independent farms that constitute Little Italy Mercado gives a glimpse into the accessibility and variety available through Organic Produce and Sustainable Farming. With so many competing local farms you are sure to catch a deal, and every purchase helps the local economy thrive.

After you’ve gotten your fill of Fresh Farm Air Atomosphere, head down the 5 to Suzie’s Farm to discover a whole new San Diego and a great independent family-owned organic farm. You can almost taste the freshness in this segment.

San Diego has an ideal climate, capable of growing food year-round which makes sustainable organic farm fresh produce available near you. In fact many people easily grow gardens in San Diego, it is a great way to get fresh air, bond with your family, and eat healthy locally grown produce. Meet with just those people at the San Diego Sustainable Roots Harvest Festival with music, dancing, and tantalizing tastes for your tongue its a delicious, nutritious way to see San Diego.

Don’t get too full because here’s the main course. The Linkery in North Park offers delicious dishes and can’t lose brews. Its all right at your plate, with How Can I Help?

WARNING: Do not attempt to eat your TV.

Originally aired Friday June 3rd at 6pm on ITV – Channel 16 in San Diego.

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