This is my first job of a series of videos for Hatori Yumi.
In this video I wanted to explore the mathematics and feedback flow of information using XPresso Tags, as well as the reaction to sound. The intention was to give an organic movement to the sculpture while another part of the sculpture reacting to the sound. The movement is seen very subtle because they are used only floating number between -1 and +1. They are produced by a Noise Tag.
The sound is devided in several ways (using lower cutoff, channels and strenght) that are able to give more accurate. That is possible using Xpresso.
All the sculpture is interconnected with each other in their movements. The feedback is created by duplicating an object capable of producing information (numbers) and placing this new object in a null object, so is able to resubmit the information to themselves and create a flow of information more complex and interesting.

Thanks to the excellent Hatori Yumi Music:

Cinema 4d, Xpresso and Mograph

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